Adios April – And Big News!

Ok first and foremost – I have NEWS people!


I don’t so much talk about my personal life here – ok that’s ALL I talk about – but I don’t go into super deep relationship detail. Well, if you’ve read my posts you’ve probably seen me mention my super thoughtful amazing boyfriend who built me a standing desk. Well, now, that super thoughtful wonderful amazing man is now my FIANCE who is going to build my dreams with his two hands. (cue Boyz II Men…. now.)

Yes. YES. YESS!!! He proposed this past weekend in a very romantic getaway and arranged for our families to be waiting at dinner for us afterwards. Tears were shed, joyful screams were a-plenty, and it was an all-around good time.

Here we are – because we’re classy like that. I’m thinking this is the save the date picture, yes?

Aren't we adorable?

Aren’t we adorable?

So of course, now all I care about is Googling wedding venues and Pintresting things like “wedding half updos” and “vintage centerpieces with apples”. Oy vey. It’s going to be a very fun year of planning.

But back to the purpose of this blog – my health. Let’s talk about April.

Whoa yeah April totally ended like a week ago, and I’m just now saying goodbye? Man I’ve been hanging onto that thing like that ex-girlfriend who just won’t stop it with the drive-by’s.

I never want to be that girl.


I actually bid April adieu around the 27th. I was over it. April and I didn’t get along so well. Let me be clear: it was a fun month. A month full of traveling and drinking and eating naughty things like lemon bars. But it was not so kind to my figure, or my belly. I got sick twice during the month, officially more than I’ve been sick in the past two years. I ended the month feeling completely blah because I’d been dumping crap into my body. But it was a really good time.

I wrote a couple of weeks about how I decided to make May about leaning out and loving up my body. I just went ahead and got started on the 27th with that. Sorry April, you got the boot. I tried to start right away with the self-love campaign I intend to accompany my “tighten up my rear end” campaign. My very first step was to control my verbal talk about my body. No more referencing myself as “big” (I’m not) or lamenting my thighs, or whining about how I look. Controlling the external dialogue is the first step. Once I get a handle on that, I plan to move the effort inward and really control my inner dialogue (which is already being helped by the effort to control my outer dialogue). This is very helpful.

I also downloaded a positive body affirmations audiobook. It’s priceless. Mostly because it’s kind of funny, but I suppose also helpful. That deserves its own post. But I do think that affirmations are a powerful tool for developing self love and confidence, so I’m going to try to incorporate them somehow.

Also, I started a leaning out food protocol with gusto! Very exciting. To lean out, I need to eat pretty low carb, and pretty high protein, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m shooting for less than 30g of carbs per day, with the exception of green veggies which I eat to the max. I’m also shooting for 1g of protein per pound of body weight. Fat comes as needed, but I’m trying not to drink the whole can of coconut milk.

So with that – here are my goals. I’m keeping it simple this month in an effort to not stress myself out too much. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, and it’s not been so good. She I’m keeping it to four.

1. Control my verbal body talk. Don’t be a bitch to the one body I have. Be loving instead.
2. Practice affirmations that make me feel good about myself.
3. Eat under 30g carbs per day, with the exception of leafy greens. Have lots of goodwill towards said leafy greens.
4. Hit 150g of protein every day!

That’s all for now – more details to come!

4 thoughts on “Adios April – And Big News!

  1. Congratulations on the engagement! Best of luck planning. Don’t let stress kick you out of your health goals cuz wedding planning can be very stressful!

    • Yes!! Exactly, that’s why I want a year to plan, so the stress doesn’t totally take over and drive me to Taco Bell and Coldstone for a date.

    • Ahhhhhhhhhh AMBER! I know exactly how you feel! I knew it was coming too and the waiting is the WORST! Hang in there, it will all be worth it. Promise!

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